BI & Reporting

Get as much useful information out of your ITSM tool as you put into it


Intelligent Insights into your IT Service Management

The ITSM360 View Management and Export to Excel capabilities, Canned reports and custom BI graphs delivers intelligent insights into your IT Service Management and end-to-end operational visibility.

Schedulable reports and endless custom graphs on the key performance indicators and metrics, you prefer, allows you to get as much useful information out of your ITSM tool as you put into it.


Key features and benefits

Custom KPI Graphs

Underline the alignment of IT with business goals with custom pie-, column-, and line chart dash-boards on the key performance indicators and metrics you prefer. Regardless if it is high-level stats requested by the management or a Service Desks agent who wants to see how he is performing. Compare two or more metrics or KPIs on one chart for unmatched insights into the work of the Service Desk.

Schedulable Canned Reports

Schedule Canned Service Desk-, CMDB-, and Operation Management reports based on selected parameters, which are automatically generated on a specific date or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and sent to selected recipients.

Transform IT

Take action proactively instead of having to put out fires when non-acceptable KPI values are violated, and equally important track excellence in the organization and give praise to outstanding performance. Tolerance dashboards with upper and lower boundaries for acceptable and non-acceptable KPI values let you know when to take action or make key decisions.

Design Your Own Custom Overviews

Set up custom views with relevant groupings, filters, totals, etc. on almost every list in ITSM360 (e.g. the Incident or Service request queue) and easily export the views to Excel. This allows you to present your data and records differently for different stakeholders.

Export Your Insights

Export reports, metrics, and KPIs in pdf or Excel format, respectively, and use them to easily impress the business.

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