Configuration Management System

End-to-end infrastructure visibility enabling IT organizations to better assess the impact of infrastructure change and breakdowns

An All-Embracing Real-Time IT Encyclopedia

ITSM360’s Configuration Management System consists of the Service Catalog, the CMDB, and a Document- and knowledge repository. The CMS delivers end-to-end infrastructure visibility and collects all case records, content, and documentation related to your services and CIs in shared workspaces to provide all stakeholders with intelligent content.

A well-documented CMS reduces human errors, prevents duplication of effort, and speeds up the root-cause identification process, which is why the CMS in ITSM360 should be considered as an all-embracing real-time encyclopedia for the IT organization.


Key CMS Capabilities & Features

End-to-end Infrastructure Visibility

ITSM360 provides you with graphical infrastructure drawings and tree-overviews of your related systems and Assets/CIs, which gives you a complete understanding of your environment, and the end-to-end visibility that is required to analyze and find risks that can lead to unexpected issues.

Do Business The Way You Do Business

Built your own Asset/CI templates to address unique business requirements for Asset/CI types and metadata and easily adjust or design views, which displays all the information, you need.

Rapid Impact-Assessment Overview

Set up the relations and dependencies between your infrastructure components and systems to rapidly assess the impact of breakdowns with end-to-end visibility to your infrastructure. You can immediately see the root cause-asset and the affected Assets/CIs – that is of course – if your ITSM360 is integrated to your monitoring.

Replace Emails and Meetings with Collaborative Workspaces

Shared CI/asset workspaces allows you to invite relevant stakeholders to co-create content and work together on the specific matters of that component. All cross-module records related to the given component is collected on the site, providing you with unmatched insights.

Intelligent, Searchable and Reusable Content

Organize and classify documentation and knowledge articles with custom content types, cross-module relations, intelligent keyword tags, and custom publishing categories to ensure that the documentation is discoverable, reusable, and reconfigurable.

Keep Your Documentation Up-to-Date

Set up periodic review workflows on CIs/Assets, files and knowledge articles to avoid documentation from languishing in obscurity and slowly going out of date.

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