Carefully Plan and Structure Meetings and Service Windows

Service Window & Meeting Planning

In order for meetings and service windows to be effective they need careful planning and structure, which is why we think it deserves its very own module.


Service Window Planning in ITSM360

Key features and benefits

Create Series of Recurring Service Windows and Meetings

Schedule and assign/invite to reoccurring service windows and meetings on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Collaborative meeting workspaces are automatically created for each meeting.

Shared Digital Meeting rooms

Provide your meeting attendees with a digital meeting room, where they can prepare for the meeting, take personal or shared notes before, during, or after the meeting, and where you can co-create minutes of meetings to document decisions, follow up actions, etc.

Raise Urgent Items to the Agenda of a Meeting

Easily create meeting agendas, where you can even raise serious incidents, service requests, changes, problems, projects, tasks or CIs/assets to the agenda for the meeting.

Get Useful Insights into the Availablity of a Service

Based on your planned Service Windows, ITSM360 provides you with intelligent insights into a Service’s availability for a given period. In other words; Planned downtime vs. (unintended) breakdowns and up time.

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