Project Management

Tie together all the Project steps from the initial analysis and planning, through the project execution to the final evaluation

Break Down the Barriers between ‘Devs’ and ‘Ops’

All ongoing activities, which directly or indirectly affects or will be affected by a project is tracked and documented in ITSM360. This allows the organization to adopt an agile approach to development, because development and operational activities are no longer separate from one another.

With ITSM360 as the unified keeper of records for both ‘development’ and ‘operations’, it becomes easier for the two camps to interact and work together in cross-functional teams of developers, infrastructure developers, and agents.

Task Management

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Collaboration Management

Project Management


Knowledge Management

Templ. & View Management

Project Highlights

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    Granular Helicopter View

    Get the full-picture overview of the annually projects – for the entire organization or for specific sponsoring departments – with a granular helicopter view of projects

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    Shared Project Workspaces

    Co-create content and work together on joint tasks including budget planning, resource allocation and project tasks in shared project workspaces.

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    Define & Design Your Own Project Types

    Easily create different project types, templates, stages, roles, etc. in order to manage projects, closely mapping the way you do projects.

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    Project Visualization

    Keep up to date with your projects with interactive timeline visualization and the project overview dashboard with project details, project task summaries, progress bar and latest activities log.

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    Cross-organizational Projects

    Relate projects to related or affected changes, incidents, CIs, and Services to keep all relevant stakeholders, such as the project team, CAB members, service desk agents and Service owners, in-sync and up-to-date.

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    Learning By Doing

    Log project variations, exceptions and lessons learned to provide full project documentation and allowing you to build best practices for future projects.

Visualize Your Workload

Easy Scheduling and Assignment

(Re)assign or (re)schedule project tasks simply by dragging’n’dropping them from one team/person/date to another resource or available time slot in the ITSM360 tasks and activity Gantt view.



End-to-End Project Visibility

End-to-end-visibility into your project with Kanban task visualization that allows you to  change the status of a project task simply by dragging’n’dropping the task from one status to another.