Service Desk

Modernise Your Service Desk to Support Cross-organizational Collaboration and Automated Business Services

ITIL with a Dose of Common Sense

ITSM360’s Service Center is the Service Desk cockpit, from which you manage the daily interactions with your business customers/customers and perform all your service desk management processes. The ITSM360 Service Desk is a modern and flexible Service desk, and one of the most advanced modules in ITSM360.

ITSM360 supports the classic ITIL Service desk management processes; Request Fulfillment, Incident Management, Event Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and Known errors. ITIL is supported in a sufficient and not limiting way. This means that your business do not have to apply the “rules” of ITIL rigorously.


Real-time Service Desk Overview Dashboard

Spend Your Time More Wisely in the Service Desk

Replace emails and spreadsheets with modern collaboration and communication channels and custom views, which provide you with all the necessary information in one screen.

Replace Emails

Replace emails with collaborative team workspaces and ITSM360’s broad array of in-system communication channels, which are related to the specific request or incident to prevent important case history from being locked up as dark matter in email inboxes.

Rapid Overviews and Fewer Clicks

ITSM360 provides a rapid overview of ongoing and awaiting service request and incident queues and delivers customizable views, short cuts and mouse-over functionality, which allows your Service Desk agents to efficiently and skillfully handle incidents, problems and questions with a few clicks.

Automated Business Services

Create and publish standard request forms that prompt end-users for the necessary information to rapidly identify an incident or fulfill a service, and have all the necessary fulfillment tasks automatically tasked, assigned or even automated based on the provided information.

Embrace Third Party Collaboration

Share cases with your external partners. Partners will only have access to the selected fields and information on the shared case(s). When a case is solved – or at any given moment, you can easily revoke the shared access to the case. All changes made by a third party partner will be logged in the version history like all other changes.

Internal Service Requests

Speed up the performance on internal service requests as well by creating internal service request to prompt your colleagues for the necessary information, when they need you to perform a task.

Integrated Asset Management

In ITSM360, each module is fully integrated. This means that you can relate Service requests, IT orders, Incidents, Problems, and Changes in the Service Desk to CIs and Assets in the CMDB, ultimately providing you with intelligent insights into recurring incidents, service availability, and service performance.

Real-time Overview

Get a real-time overview of what is going on in your Service Desk with the collapsible Cockpit overview displaying incidents, service requests, changes, problems and approvals summary count and resource allocation. Each box is a direct link, which allows you to quickly take action on personal or unassigned tasks.

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