Service Integrations and Management (SIAM)

Maximize the Value of Your Supplier Interactions
and 3rd Party Tool Integrations

Relationship Management of third party tools and suppliers

Just like CRM for your customers, ITSM360 supports advanced “Relations Management” with third party organizations that supply goods and/or services to your organization in order to maxi­mize the value of those interactions.

Vendor Management

Integration Management

Knowledge Management

Collaboration Management

SIAM Highlights

Keep You and Your Partners In-sync

Easily keep track of ongoing change requests, problem records, contracts and contacts between you and your partners to keep in-sync with joint work queues.

Negotiate Better Terms

Negotiate better terms by exposing historical issues around supplier performance, Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches and service quality.

Embrace Third Party Collaboration

Invite external relations into selected parts of ITSM360 to share responsibility for resolving issues, co-create content, and work together on joint tasks in real time.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate ITSM360 with other data sources such as Microsoft System Center products to ensure system of records.

Import Tool Plug in

Easily import your assets, IT components, configuration items, systems, customers, old cases, etc. from Excel, SQL or CSV into ITSM360.

FBA User Management Plug in

The FBA user management plug in provides you with the opportunity to create and manage users for customers, partners or other relevant stakeholders, which are not in your Active Directory.