Task Management

Get the global overview with consolidated work queues and ensure a mutual understanding of the status of every task.



Bring Your Tasks To Life

ITSM360 delivers built-in Task Management. This means that you can easily create and relate tasks to related/affected Changes, Service Requests, CIs, Projects, etc, providing you with unmatched task insights and history.

Easily create different task types and corresponding templates for different purposes. Adjust the default views or design new custom views that display all the information you need to keep workers and managers in sync. Get the gobal overview with consolidated work queues and ensure a mutual understanding of the status of every task.

That’s a Fact: Room for Productivity Improvements

of the work time actually spent productively

Or less

the average employee checks their inbox

In an hour

of tasks performed that are automatable

of the tasks*


*Of the activities individuals are paid to perform.

Spend Your Time More Wisely

Manage Tasks Without Email

Spend less time in your inbox, use ITSM360 for everything; Tasks instructions, resource allocation, scheduling, updates and collaboration. Leaving you with more hours in the day to get things done.

Automate Mundane Repetitive Tasks

Save time with automatically initiated and assigned standard request fulfillment tasks, some of which can even be fully automated with automatic powershell scripts – Why spend time on Active Directory user creation, if it can be done automatically?


Visualize Your Workload

Easy Task Scheduling & Assigment

(Re)assign or (re)schedule tasks simply by dragging’n’dropping them from one team/person/date to another resource or available time slot in the ITSM360 tasks and activity Gantt view. The Gantt view visualizes your workload and do not only show tasks, but also planned service requests and incident actions to avoid days of work overload.



End-to-End Task Visibility

End-to-end-visibility into task processes with Kanban task visualization that allows you to easily edit or submit subtasks or comments from the task preview or to change the status of a task simply by dragging’n’dropping the task from one status to another.

Get Your To-dos Done

Handle your outstanding to do’s for a specific task by adding your to do’s to the sub task checklist, and check them off one by one as you complete them. A real-time progress indicator summarizes your progress.


Create Series of Tasks

Schedule and assign recurring tasks on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, or relate one-time tasks to each other as predecessors and successors.


Rapidly Get a Status Overview

Status indicators rapidly tell you whether your task is on track, in risk of getting delayed due to a delayed predecessor or is already overdue.