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ITSM tools for Microsoft 365?

ITSM360 exploits your Microsoft 365 stack for ITSM process orchestration.

ITSM360 Microsoft ITSM app

Trusted by enterprises in +30 countries

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Tired of ITSM hassle and high costs?

Many organizations struggle with siloed-based ITSM solutions and are deeply dependent on specialists when even the smallest comma needs to be corrected in the ITSM solution.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Using a proven and recognized IT platform as the baseline for your next ITSM solution will help you to stay efficient, respond to changes – and, not least, be able to modify settings and workflows without expensive consultancy costs.

IT ticketing inside Microsoft Teams

ITSM tools for Microsoft 365

Start leveraging Microsoft Office for your ITSM processes

Imaging the productivity of Microsoft 365 in an ITSM context

We connect the embodiment of ease and sophistication in Microsoft 365 to your ITSM practices.

ITSM360 is a resilient ITSM solution based 100% on your current Microsoft 365 tenant.

Harnessing Microsoft 365 for ITSM processes generates value and user satisfaction.

  • ITSM Apps for SharePoint and Teams for solid performance and ITSM use-cases
  • Complete IT Self-service from Microsoft Teams
  • All data is located in SharePoint lists
  • Connects to the Power Platform
  • Recognizable for everybody that has worked with Microsoft technology
  • Secure and compliant

Be smart, and reuse your familiar and recognized Microsoft platform for ITSM.

See how we harness apps, web parts, and SharePoint extensions in ITSM360 for powerful ITSM tooling and IT ticketing in Microsoft 365.

Learn about WCF Insurance from the US and how they consolidated several platforms into one spot – including using Power Automate for workflows.

ITSM you have been hacked

Microsoft Security – Recognized Industry Leader -> Link

The Forrester Wave – Q4-2022 -> Link

Is your ITSM platform secure?

A standard ITSM implementation has many integrations, running scripts/automation – and AD (single-sign) mechanisms.

But what about security? Is your ITSM tooling and integrations the perfect gateway for intruders?

And what about ESM? Using the ITSM platform for ESM often equals processing personal data – and with a snap – your solution is inside regulatory scope like GDPR.

Do not worry. Microsoft 365 is the most secure IT ecosystem with extensive compliance programs.

ITSM360 adapts to all this – and in return, you have the most secure ITSM platform.

Why ITSM360

ITSM360 connects data, processes, and teams for seamless collaboration inside your Microsoft environment.

We use the latest Microsoft technology, such as Teams and the Power Platform, for ITSM processing.

See how we can help your organization move from siloed working to coordinated and collaborative ITSM.