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Powerful ITSM tools

Progressive vision

ITSM tooling in a new way

Drawing on decades of ITSM experience, we saw a dire need for an ITSM platform that could accommodate the growing demand for platform-based ITSM solutions.

Existing ITSM solutions were either overly simplistic or mind-numbingly complex and didn’t meet the needs of today’s organizations.

We knew there had to be a better way — so we built ITSM360 on top of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Mission statement

We connect ITSM tooling to Microsoft 365 to make ITSM orchestration more productive, secure, and successful.

Harnessing the power of a platform drives value

It is time to navigate away from the ITSM silo and utilize your existing platform instead

The time has come to do away with silo-based proprietary IT systems, and resilient cloud platforms from Microsoft, AWS, and Google are, in our view, the best suited for a modern IT business critical solution.

We have chosen Microsoft 365 as our platform for a modern ITSM solution.

Security, scalability, and recognition are our main criteria – and Microsoft delivers on all parameters.

ITSM tools for Microsoft 365

Start leveraging Microsoft Office for your ITSM processes

The ITSM360 story

ITSM Company started in late 2016 with the development of ITSM360 for Microsoft 365.

Since then, things have been going strong. Consolidation on top of Microsoft 365 is in demand in all parts of the world, and we are present in more than 35 countries today.

The ITSM360 solution is the defacto solution if you want robust and resilient ITSM tooling tailormade to your existing Microsoft tenant.

See how we harness apps, web parts, and SharePoint extensions in ITSM360 for powerful ITSM tooling and IT ticketing in Microsoft 365.

ITSM360 vision

Craftsmanship and industry pros drive our evolution, and our mix between ITSM practitioners and Microsoft cloud software developers is the recipe.

Our team is located in Copenhagen, Denmark (HQ), with subsidiaries in India and Lithuania.

ITSM is becoming more complex from quarter to quarter. Digital Transformation, cloud services, and regulations like GDPR, NIS2, and other frameworks hit your ITSM practices.

Our vision is to embrace your needs with the most effective ITSM tool.

We are a strong challenger to existing well-known ITSM brands, and our ability to mix Microsoft 365 services with ITSM practices is our trademark.